My Cookware Shopping!

But, My husband has gone to another country and will not be back for another month. That leaves me with a lot of time on hand. I was going through this best cookware review by Cook with tina to check on prices of different things that we could be giving this Christmas. We always give good gifts within the family instead of wasting money on things that will not serve any purpose. I am the “cookware” aunt in the family because I really love giving and receiving cookware sets.

As usual, I was perusing through the cookware sets and I found some wonderful alternatives that I could give as gift this Christmas. I have noted them down and will confirm from my husband before confirming with other family members. You see, we don’t want anybody to be unhappy with what they receive on Christmas. Everybody should look forward to receiving such gifts, and that is the tradition my mother-in-law started, which we daughters-in-law have continued.

A Ceramic Cookware Option

I am speaking of the ceramic coated non-stick cookware. The reason I am opting for this best nonstick cookware is I want youngsters to move on to PFOA and PTFE free non-stick cookware sets. The product description also mentions that it is free from lead as well as cadmium. I was looking for something that is scratch free and this one is. Therefore, this set will last for a long time. There are 10 pieces in this set, which are sufficient for day-to-day needs. (Check out here)


I also look for other features that matter. For example, this set has soft handles, and the handles are riveted firmly on to the pots and pans. Many of the pans and pots that I have used over a period have given me trouble with their handles. I don’t want my nieces to go through same experience.

Why This Cookware Set ?

But the reason this cookware set caught my attention is because of the bright color. It will look good in any kitchen. I am not happy about the glass lids, though. If they break, splinters could hurt somebody. But I guess, my nieces could use some other lids. The price is also just perfect. For around $61, I could get a set for every niece. I know it will be about 11 dollars more on every set that we order, but it will definitely be worth it. Of course, I will physically verify in showroom whether the gauge is as mentioned, because returning the order can be a big headache.

I wish they had included a few spatulas and cooking spoons. May be I can give those some other time. I am not sure my husband will approve of the set though. These pots and pans are not designed for induction cooking, and induction cooking is the trend now, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I have included this cookware set in my list, and will confirm from everybody before placing order for six pieces, of which one will be for me of course.

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