Searched for a the best chef knife

Choosing a chef knife can be quite hard if you don’t know what you exactly want. I remember the first time I searched for a chef knife to purchase when I was in college. Not only were there many knives to choose from, there were knives that were extremely pricey. I was scared that I wasted money on an expensive chef knife and it didn’t last. Thankfully, there were many knife blogs that helped me picked the best kitchen knife set, you can read at Pcn Chef – Chef knives reviews.

Fret no more and read through the three key features that you need to look out for.

The Feel For The Best Chef Knife

You need to know how it feels in your hand. Make sure to try it out at your local store. From the handle to the weight, choose the knife that feels comfortable. Some knives are lightweight and some are heavy. Some handles plastic handles are more comfortable that wood handles. It depends on what you prefer. The best chef knife is a well-balanced chef knife. For example, the Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife. (Find out more)

The Blade and The Edge

Go for a material that last longer like stainless steel with high carbon as it is also easier to sharpen. Don’t purchase a ceramic blade because I know that it looks so much better than a steel blade. If you want a pretty but excellent chef knife, try looking at the Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife. The blade is made out from Japanese stainless steel with 32 layers of stainless alloy. Not only is it pretty, it is also rust resistant.

The edge of the knife is also very important. You also need to know that the sharpness is actually related to the material. It has been said that the high-carbon stainless steel is easier to maintain and sharpen rather than stainless steel and ceramic.

These were my key features that I looked for when I was looking for a knife. I hope they help you out!

Experience with the wusthof ikon 8″ cook knife

My cooking involves a lot of mincing, slicing, and dicing of various foods. When I first used this Wusthof knife set, I wanted to slice bacon so as to use it in my family’s meals, and I must say that I was not disappointed. I found it much easier to use than the many other knives that I had tried before.

One thing that I liked most is the blade. I noticed that I do not have to keep sharpening it each time I want to chop something. Apart from that, I liked the triple-riveted black handle. It has a contoured design that makes easy to handle. The handle ensures that there is a secure grip, and it is what makes the knife a wonder in the kitchen. This is by far the most versatile knife that I have had in my kitchen. I would recommend this knife to anyone who does like the ones that they currently own.

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